International Scientific CDG Symposium 2021 - Prague 23-25 June 2021

The team in Prague will host the next International Scientific CDG Symposium, scheduled to take place on 23-25 June 2021.  So please, mark your agenda.


The International Scientific CDG Symposium 2021 will cover all aspects of the Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation and other related disorders, including the discovery of novel types, the study of fundamental aspects of glycosylation, better understanding of the pathophysiology of the different types of CDG, new analytical procedures and, diagnostic methods, development of therapies, clinical trials, awareness and reach out to family associations.

The symposium will be organized by EUROGLYCAN, in close collaboration between the teams from Prague and Leuven. The Scientific Committee consists of the members of the EUROGLYCAN-omics project.



We reach out to you to compose an interesting program with different aspects of CDG and related disorders.

Hence, we kindly invite all of you to assist us with interesting topics and tips for potential speakers. Please send us names with one to two lines of description of the potential contribution.



Similar as in 2017, a website will be launched soon with all the relevant information on the program, registration, abstract submission, meeting venue, etc.


Dates to remember



Launch website

June-July 2020

Abstract submission

1 Feb 2021

Abstract selection

20 Feb 2021

Early Bird Registration

15 Mar 2021

Final registration

15 May 2021


Meeting Venue

The Scientific CDG Symposium 2021 will take place at the Hotel Don Giovanni in Prague.



Everyone will be expected to make their own hotel arrangements.
But, EUROGLYCAN-omics partners and colleagues from the extended CDG network will have the possibility to book hotel rooms at the meeting venue.



All participants are invited to cover the expenses for travel and accommodation from own budgets.

We will, together with the team in Prague, try to find some sponsoring, but we know from experience this is not evident for scientific CDG events.


Registration Fees

As you know, EUROGLYCAN-omics has no budget for meetings, so we are obliged to charge registration fees to all participants.
This fee will vary between €250-500 for the different categories of participants.


5th World CDG Conference for families, on 15-16 May 2021 in Lisbon.
We are aware that APCDG is organizing its 5th World CDG Conference for families in May. Some of you might be invited by APCDG and will go to Lisbon, but we hope this will not prevent you from attending the Scientific CDG Symposium in Prague as well. Ours will be the scientific meeting, the family organisations shall focus on topics directed towards patients and families, care takers, to raising awareness and to support the CDG community.