IEWP Webinar: Cellular therapy in inborn errors of metabolism: indications and perspectives

Description of the webinar:

This EBMT IEWP webinar is for transplant and metabolic/genetic physicians, and aims to provide up-to-date talks on allogeneic cell therapy and stem cell gene therapies in lysosomal storage diseases and other metabolic diseases. Register with the link below for free!

Dr Rob Wynn from Manchester will give a summary on allogeneic transplants that includes a practical discussion on cord blood transplant technology plus newer and challenging indications in Wolman disease and MNGIE. Dr Maria Ester Bernardo from Milan will follow up by reviewing gene therapies in metabolic diseases, including MLD, MPSI and other MPS disorders. Then, towards the end, she will anticipate the change from allogeneic to autologous transplant in these illnesses and the challenges associated with this transition. You don't want to miss it.

Registration is open to members and non-members!