EUROGLYCAN-omics network meeting / Congrès CDG

EUROGLYCAN-omics network meeting in Barcelona on 27-29 June 2022


Dear All,

We are glad to organize the next in-person meeting in Barcelona on 27-29 June! We have send an early communication back in February.  See attached mail.

The meeting will be open to all co-workers/students from the EUROGLYCAN-omics project teams and the extended CDG network partners. 

We have decided to ask no financial contribution from the participants. By doing so, we hope that all of you will be able to attend this in-person meeting!


The meeting will be hosted by the CDG team in Barcelona and will take place at the famous and fabulous Sant Pau Hospital ( )

REGISTRATION :  Deadline for registration:  10th May 2022

Registration is necessary, so please complete the online form and submit as soon as possible.


There will be NO Registration fee this time.

EUROGLYCAN-omics has no specific budget to support such meetings, but we are happy to announce that Prof. Jaeken has offered back-up support from the Jaeken-Theunissen CDG Foundation. This gives us the option to waive the registration fee this time. 

Note:  Several partners already paid a fee for a previous meeting in 2019/2020 which were cancelled.  We will check with our finance dept to find a solution on this.

(2p Madrid, 4p Prague, 2p Barcelona, 1p Nijmegen, 1p Paris, 1p Catania, 2p Lille)



Monday 27/6

  • 12-13h - Lunch and welcome coffee
  • 13-18h - Meeting
  • 21h - Group Dinner

Tuesday 28/6

  • 9-12:30h - Meeting
  • 12:30-14h - Lunch
  • 14-18h - Meeting

Wednesday 29/6

  • 9-12:30h - Meeting
  • 12:30-13:30h - Quick Lunch and farewell
Il est malheureusement trop tard pour vous inscrire à cet événement.